Break 'Em On Down

by Dead Trains

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Matt Axten—guitar, voice, harp
Rose Heydt—drums
Natan Keyes—bass
Recorded and mixed by Dead Trains at EMF in Cambridge, MA.
Mastered by Dave Locke at JP Masters in Charlotte, NC
All songs by Matt Axten except "Who Do You Love" (Bo Diddley) and "Mean Town Blues" (Johnny Winter)
Cover art by M Axten, figures taken from Haitian zombie master painting by Alberoi Bazile (1967)


released December 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Dead Trains Boston, Massachusetts

Bluescore, Chickenwire, Trainstep,
Hillbilly Hardcore.
Blues punk.


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Track Name: Shoot Your Man Down
Juan found Janie in a razor-toting craze
He wears her footprints walking on his face
But when she wants to speed she comes crawling to me
Clawing at the window, black cats crawling up her knees

And Washboard Sam said to Abyssinian Ned
'This white lightning's going to my head'
Said a Brownstone woman don't do the easy roll
Wearing my hand, bound to be tearing up my soul
I'd know, I put that hole in your shoe
Come on pretty mama, give me that evil that you do

And Boxcar Joe…what do you know?
Told Peggie Dye 'Our love is gonna grow'
And she turned green, had to make a scene
He tried to catch the first thing smoking but she shot him at the door
If you love him, shake him on down
Everyone's sane, you gotta shoot him on down

No more, no war is happening to me

If you love him, shoot your man down
In the sawdust and the snuff juice we gonna jump and shout
Track Name: Glass
Revenue man sure picked the wrong night
I may be a dead man but I'm walking upright
There's evil spirits in this glass and every sip's my last

I'm gonna make this V8 cough
Good Lord until the wheels fall off

I should've been gone yesterday
I just can't stop throwing myself away
So I'm broke down every morning, jinx all around my bed
There's a devil twisting at my door and twisting up my head
God knows I try to live right, but every time I start I just can't

If it collapses on the left you just shove it in the right.
Right. Alright.

So I'm burning my last cigarette
I'm studying my last step
Throw your pistol down on me, I'll raise it to my lips
I'll call your lead my Number Five 'cause that old train is dead
No more trying to live right, boys, no more life at all

Too much evil in this glass
One thing's certain it's gonna be my last
Track Name: White Lightning/Who Do You Love
I got that dust infection, pneumonia in my lungs
I just blow from town to town, doing nothing but wrong

White lightning, I'm fixing to die
I'm a crying fever and I'm fine

Mama, please forget me, let me tell you the reason why
I got that fever, honey, it's running high

White lightning, I'm fixing to die
I'm a crying fever and I'm fine

I walked 47 miles of barbed wire, used a cobra snake for a necktie
I got a brand new house by the roadside, made out of rattlesnake hide
Got a brand new chimney made on top, made out of human skulls
Come on take a little walk with me, Arlene, tell me who do you love

Tombstone head and a graveyard mind, just 28 and I don't mind dying
Who do you love?

I said 'Depot agent give me half a mind
Forget that fare, let me ride the blinds'
He said 'Get on boy now can't you see
This express don't belong to me'

So I rode a lion to town on a rattlesnake whip
Take it easy honey don't you give me no lip
Arlene took me by my hand
She said 'Oohwee Matt you know I understand'
The night was dark and the sky was blue
Down the alley the ice wagon flew
Heard a pop and heard somebody scream
You should have heard just what I seen

Who do you love?
Track Name: Bad Luck Child/Mean Town Blues
Elgin moves, Queen of Spades
Hobnail boots and a fever gauge
After 32 eatless weeks
The gypsy turned and she said to me
'You're someone's bad luck child'
Ain't no Mississippi god
Where the Southern crosses the Dog
I'm in my whiskey, in my shell
Your lips are wet, your mouth's a burning hell

That 61 stretches just as long as my arm
Eleven twenty-nine down on Parchman Farm
You're just a bad luck child
Ain't no long Lincoln god
Ride the blinds right through the Dog
Now I'm in my whiskey, in my hell

Hot foot powder all 'round my door
You laid a passway for me, then you put me on the killing floor
You're just a bad luck child
Way down on the riverside
Found a distillery, lost my mind
To a no-good doney, gypsy told me

Lord my mother she done told me
My father told me
My father told me too
'It's a mean old town to live in by yourself'

Lord I worked for the dollar
Welfare flour
Man that military dime
She's a big white girl and she ain't no friend of mine